Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last full day at MWOBS

It warmed up quite a bit last night - into the upper 30's and this morning up to 47. All the rime ice melted as did much snow, which turned to slush and now is frozen again. We had sleet, then rain, then back to snow in a matter of a few hours. I went for a walk earlier today in the snow. It was only about 35 - 40 mph winds so it was not so hard to get around. We had winds of 74 this morning with a 94 mph gust. The highest wind we've had since I arrived here was 105.2 mph. Now we are at 65 mph with 72 gusts. Guess I'll stay in for now :)

The Chicken Picatta turned out great last night and the Gingersnap Whoppie Pies were delicious - yum. This morning I made a big pot of Chicken and Rice soup with lots of veggies. Right now Steve is busy making pizza dough. He'll be setting it in the furnace room to rise. So we'll have fresh pizza tonight - no pizza delivery in the winter, although I hear it has happened in the summer. I have already cut up onions, portabella mushrooms, black olives and red bell peppers for topping. We have some pepperoni as well (not on my share, please) Steve is also making crepes for tonight - spicy dessert crepes (made with cinnamon, nutmeg and molasses) with a creamy center and warm tart cherry glaze topping.

Busy day today, getting ready for the next shift, as we head down tomorrow. Our chores include cleaning the bathroom (thank you Steve) cleaning both fridges (my job today) cleaning the stove and hood - a big job made small by doing it together yesterday. I don't mind all this, especially since it's not keeping me from a hike. When we do a good job it is appreciated.

I forgot to show you a couple of other photos from yesterday morning's sunrise. There is an effect of the shadow of the mountain on the landscape made by the rising sun. It's called a summit shadow. Pretty cool to see in person.

Summit shadow at sunrise

Observation Tower with Mt. Washington's shadow

The Stage Shop - next to the Cog Rail - closed for Winter. Photo courtesy of my fellow volunteer, Steve Hill.

The true summit - 6,288 feet. I'm actually hanging on the sign so the 60+ mph wind doesn't blow me off!

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