Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heading down

This morning the new shift arrived amid high winds and snow. I guess since they managed to get here, we will be able to get down. I have packed up, loaded my gear on the Snowcat, and Steve and I have given the next volunteer the full kitchen tour. All that is left is to say goodbye to Marty and join the departing crew for the ride down the mountain.

By the way, Marty snuck into my room again this morning - no idea how he got past me. He was so proud of himself and happy, but ultimately I did have to evict him.

I took advantage of the opportunity to submit comments on the MWOBS website, which should be posted sometime today, so take a look.

Below are a few misc. photos from my time up here.
Next stop, Waterbury Center, Vermont for my flight out of Burlington in the morning.

Official Chef for the night

Hanging on for dear life - my first time in high winds

 After my first attempt at 65 - 80 mph winds

Fajita night

Fighting the wind to reach the summit

My ride awaits

Bye bye Mickey

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